What You Will Receive

“It’s more than a race – It’s a Community!”

We want to develop the Windsor Womens 10k into much more than a race and by entering  you have the opportunity to become a fledgling member. A community is only as strong as its members so please join our Facebook Group and get involved – with your help this group will continue to evolve. If you join us you will have free access to the following:

Closed Facebook Group

This is a closed Group available only to entrants into the Windsor Womens 10k  and is the hub of our community.

This is where you can help each other out, offer feedback and insight whenever possible but please remember to be kind!

Let’s have some fun! Post your successes and your failures, questions, and challenges. Support others and seek support when you need it.

Training Programmes

We have 3 running training programmes: Beginner, Intermediate and Improver.

These have been written by Peter Hier and James Thie and are available for download.

We have also added a very simple Stretching Programme for you and over the coming months we will be adding to this list

We will continue to follow all Covid19 updates and act accordingly


On The Day -The following are just a few of the things that will be available to you:

Souvenir Medal

Every year we endeavour to produce a unique medal and this year is no different! We can’t tell you how difficult it is to design something that is different from previous years but we have no doubt that the designer has created another unique medal.

Aerobic Warmup

We will continue to follow all Covid19 updates and act accordingly

– The Aerobic warm up is always a big favourite; with good music and a great instructor not only is it a great deal of fun but it really is a good way to get you in the mood and loosen up those joints and muscles. Couple this with little jog and you will be raring to go!

Post Finish

When you finish your 10k you will walk through the finish funnels where you will be presented with your medal, bottled water. There will be a strong Medical presence (as there is out on the course) to ensure that all is well with you.

Children's Entertainment

We will continue to follow all Covid19 updates and act accordingly

– There will be a variety of on site entertainment for Children including Bouncy Castles and Face Painters. There will also be a Sprite Sprint for 9 years and under which you can enter on the day and is approximately 40 metres and run on the grass alongside the Long Walk.

Phone: +44 1384 379028
30 Baylie Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1AZ
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