About Slack

After you enter the Windsor Womens 10k you will receive a confirmation email and in this email will be an invitation from us to join our Slack Community.

Slack is a free messaging app for teams or groups. All the conversations inside the app are searchable and the app syncs seamlessly from your desktop to your mobile device.

  • Slack is a useful tool for building a community because of two main reasons. First, because it’s a chat-based platform. Conversations take place in real time and the environment feels more casual. This allows community members to get to know one another on a much deeper level. Secondly, it has a very friendly user interface, which makes it easy for most people to learn how to use it.
  • Membership is by Invitation only.
  • “Channels” (similar to forum topics) are a way of creating smaller communities within the entire community, to make it easier for members to chat.
  • You have the facility to Direct Message individuals or groups in Private.
  • We can also have channels which are more localised for people who want to chat or meet up with other members who are based near them.
  • When you chat with community members and learn about the challenges they face, you can encourage them to ask questions in the relevant Channels. Then, you can place @ before another other community members name who might be able to help or share their experiences.

Slack has a variety of ways that you can use the app, and all of them are equally beautiful and intuitive. Plus, they sync automatically with one another so I can start a conversation on my desktop app, hop in the car with a friend to go somewhere and continue the conversation without missing a beat.
On your desktop, you can access Slack via the web (in your browser) or you can download their web app straight to your laptop (for Mac and Windows.)
On your phone, you can access Slack via their mobile app on iOS and Android.

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