A Shout Out To All Solo Runners

A Shout Out To All Solo Runners

Are you training for this 10K by yourself? Here are 5 reasons to love solo running training.

Training with a friend is great, but there are plenty of benefits to doing 10K training all alone. Here are 5 things you’ll only experience through solo running.

#1 Tune in to your body.
Running with a training partner is fun and social, but it does mean you might not listen to your body. Trying to keep pace with someone else is draining and distracting. Running by yourself means you can tune in to your body’s signals and run at the perfect pace. You’ll be more aware of your surroundings and the terrain under foot. And you’ll be aware of when your body feels strongest, fastest, and at its peak.

#2 Really disconnect.
One of the things we love most about running is that it’s real me-time. No hassle, no distractions, and no emails! Running by yourself allows you to experience this sense of disconnect in its purest form. An hour, all alone, with just your thoughts for company. Bliss!

#3 Your run, your rules.
It can sometimes be difficult to sort the logistics of a training-buddy run. You might not be able to run when or where you really want to. With a solo run, the plans are all yours! You get to set the distance, time, setting, terrain, and start point. And you can change your mind at the last minute. Or even throw in some sprints half way through!

#4 No comparison.
A great training partner is worth her weight in gold, but there can be downsides, too. As women, we’re prone to comparing ourselves to others. And that’s not helpful when you’re training for a race. Training by yourself means you’ll focus on your own progress, and congratulate yourself for every achievement. No comparisons and no downplaying your strengths.

#5 Every run is down to YOU!
Meeting a training buddy for a run does make it easier. So, hats off to all the solo runners. Nobody is waiting for you or knocking on the front door. Every time you get out for a run, it’s all down to you. Your willpower, dedication, and time management.

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